Proposal from RaaS has been selected by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for its “Project for Research and Development of Enhanced Infrastructures for Post 5G Information and Communications Systems / Development of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (Subsidized).”

Commercial services based on fifth-generation mobile telecommunications systems (5G), the successor to fourth-generation systems (4G), are being initiated around the world. Meanwhile, with further upgrades including ultra-low latency and support for massive simultaneous connections, the next generation technology (Post 5G) is expected to be widely adopted for industrial applications such as smart factory and automated driving. As a result, its successful development can provide Japan with a core competitive advantage. The goal of our proposal is to strengthen Japan’s development and manufacturing infrastructures for Post 5G information and communications systems through the development of manufacturing technology for advanced semiconductors demanded by such systems.



The University of Tokyo, Toppan Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., and MIRISE Technologies jointly established the Research Association for Advanced Systems (RaaS) on Aug 17, 2020, with Professor Tadahiro Kuroda, Director of Systems Design Lab at the Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, serving as its chairman.

RaaS pursues the development of a design platform for the specialized chips required to create systems demanded by a data-driven society. It targets a 10-fold increase in development efficiency of specialized chips through the deployment of open architecture. In addition, it aims to improve energy efficiency 10-fold by developing 3D integration technology to realize integration of multiple chips manufactured using the latest 7nm CMOS process in the same package.