Research as a Service

Anyone can have access to
the most advanced semi-
conductor technology
through our service..


About RaaS

  The mission of the Research Association for Advanced Systems (RaaS) is to provide a service through which anyone can have access to the most advanced semiconductor technology (Research as a Service).
  Our technology goal is a 10-fold increase in both development and energy efficiencies. To improve development efficiency, we will create an agile design platform and deploy open architecture. To improve energy efficiency, we will fabricate our chips using advanced CMOS processes and integrate them in 3D.
  The users will be able to design their own specialized chips the same way they write software and use them to realize digital transformation.

Democratization of Access to Silicon Technology
Quick-turn Prototyping
(Mantra: Agile Authentic Prototyping)
Silicon Compiler
(Disruptive Technology to Enable Designing Chips Like Writing Software)

Research as a Service